Coding Review: Day 192 of Being a Coder

  1. Create an account on Github
    Github is a site where you can upload your code. You want to start off by creating a repository, a place where you’ll store code for a project. In addition to keeping the code you’ve done, Github allows you to see how much coding you’ve done. It tracks your contributions by the number of commits you’ve made.
  2. Code everyday
    You want to get into the habit of coding everyday, at least a little bit. Whether it’s learning to code a new project or idea, or simply fixing a problem in your project, you’ll want to spend time and effort into coding each day. You can track this progress on Github, as mentioned above.
  3. Work on meaningful projects
    I know when you’re first starting off, you’ll be dipping your toes in the water a lot. This could mean figuring out which language to start with (choose python!) or looking at potential projects. For beginners, there’s a lot of projects on simple things like Madlibs, number generators, and etc. But if you really want to get deep into coding, start with a meaningful project that has areas to expand. My first project was learning how to code with Flask. With it, I learned Python, HTML, and CSS, so it’s a helpful way to get more into code, as well as see the applications of computer science.
  4. Eat one piece of the watermelon at a time
    When I first started out in computer science, I tried to do everything at once. I had to fix the database, but I also had to create a new file for another page in website, and fix some errors in the main python file. My teacher took note of that, and told me this:




Computer Scientist, Student, CS and Bio enthusiast

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Adhithi Nmurthy

Adhithi Nmurthy

Computer Scientist, Student, CS and Bio enthusiast

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